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Rabbi Tovia Singer is a world renown speaker and teacher of Jews and non Jews alike. He began his mission over 40 years ago to bring Jews that had strayed back to Torah observance, but Hashem had a different plan, and subsequently he became one of the most well known speakers and teachers for the non jew or Noahide. He was born and raised here in New York but he is now based in Israel

Noahide World Center is a great resource for the new convert to Noahism. There are several wonderful lectures by Rabbis Chaim Goldberg and Pesach Sherbow. Add them to your daily list.

William Hall at Tenak Talk is based out of Kingsland Texas. If you have not found him on youtube yet you are missing out on arguably your greatest resource as a new Noahide. William features several highly educated Rabbis on his show and has a few call in shows, so have your questions ready and call in, the number is listed in the description of all his videos.

Jews for Judaism and Rabbi Michael Skobac is simply a must have! Rabbi Skobac's lectures are an invaluable resource for the New Noahide or the veteran. His insights into scripture will captivate you and inspire you to increase your studies.


Steve Parry is a beloved brother here at East Tennessee Noahides and has started a youtube channel called Biblical Anarchy, Steve takes an in-depth look at claims made by the new testament and compares them with the words of God in the Jewish scriptures (aka Old Testament)

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi is one of the most well known speakers in the world. His focus is on keeping Jew Jewish and helping Jews return to Judaism. His lectures are very insightful, even though he doesn't focus a great deal on the non Jewish world or Noahides He is still a very valuable asset to have.


We chose a circle for our image because a circle has no end, we believe that God has no end. There's no place that God isn't.

Who We are:

Thank you for stopping by! We are Noahides living in East Tennessee that love Hashem and love studying His Torah. Our mission is to be a source of information for those that are seeking information on what it means to be a Noahide. What does God want from you? Will God forgive me for being a part of other religions? The Rabbis of Israel are the source we should all look to. We have no desire to change that, Jerusalem is in the Holy Land not East Tennessee, and Rabbi Isaiah told us that the word of God would flow from the mountain of Zion. We do not align ourselves with any one group of Noahides, there is a lot of competition to be first. We have no interest in that race. We here at East Tennessee Noahides are clinging to the shirt of him that's a Jew Zachariah 8:23. We hope you find our links useful, may Hashem bless you on your journey. If you are someone that has realized you don't belong in other religions of the world but you now know you were meant to be a Noahide, then welcome home!